It is extremely tiresome and inefficient to observe the price changes that your competition makes constantly. But with Combuyit’s feature that tracks the competitor’s prices, you can leave all the hard work to the technology. It operates using automated market intelligence. Alert report is important because:

  • You will have information about the competition’s activities, which will allow yout team to take effective measures.

  • You can easily monitor and classify the competition’s discounts, the pattern in their price changes and the chances for growth.

  • With the information gathered you could also assess your position in the market.


Combuyit has cutting-edge tools that help gather business data to help you improve your business. The feature of competitive benchmarking enables you to view your position in the market compared to your competitors. It gives you the most important information required for making decisions.

  • Payment frequency, monthly, bi-weekly or weekly

  • Understandable and brief

  • The difference in price written in percentage

  • In and out stock recorded with levels

  • Price change over time recorded

  • Perfect if comparing with only a couple of competitors; this will provide you with what you require, giving you the most important information required for making decisions




Combuyit has a feature which enables you to view real-time cost savings of your company and their consequences. This eliminates any sign of error in data collection and calculation.
Sourcing – This enables you to quickly and efficiently find, analyze and build relationships with new suppliers. With the help of Combuyit, you can discover agreements that offer the most profit and value whenever your source.
Contract Management – Combuyit automatically organizes, creates and keeps an eye on contracts. This saves your time and effort.
Supplier Management – This feature allows you to track the performance of hundreds of suppliers. It collects all the suppliers’ data such as scorecards, questionnaires, reports etc. to show you the complete picture.
Procure-to-Pay – Enhance acceptance and spend, experiencing a customer like purchasing,  increase compliance and minimize the cycle time.

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