Combuyit platform is a procurement platform that relies on machine learning, AI and precise data developed for business of all sizes and in all types of industries.
It is a virtual procurement platform that assists the majority of functions of your organization and a tool that optimizes your colleagues’ procurement process.
Over one million products a day with optimal prices are available to our users. With that amount of knowledge supported by AI for prices, you will become number one in your industry, have enough information and be competitive.

Of course, it is! Being a purchaser, you do not have to pay any fee for subscription. However, there are various levels of a subscription.

It might be difficult to search on search engines. It is important to remember that sometimes the manufacturers’ part numbers might not be in the system, so a description of the product would be effective while searching. Do use only keywords to search in the search engine. If even this does not work, then you are welcome to use the chat option on the link, message us or send us an email.

Yes, you can do it anytime, just add them on your configuration page.

With Combuyit you have all the data necessary to make proper business decisions. Additionaly, by using this platform you can easily save a lot of money and manage your time more efficiently.

Of course, just leave a request here.

The Customer Success Manager is your friend from Combuyit’s side that is responsible for the successful implementation and continuous use of Combuyit within your company. His/Her main responsibility is to make sure that Combuyit brings real value to your company.

Definitely, why not!
We are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
If by any chance we fail to respond, we will call you the moment we are available.

You can call us at our contact number – (+46) 10-112233 or send us an email.

If you you wish, you can also mail us a greeting card at our address:

Combuyit AB
Svenshogsvagen 6B
232 38, Arlov

The longest period for onboarding is 1 month and the shortest period is only a couple of minutes. It depends on your company size and our Customer Success Team, in turn, will do everything to make it happen as fast as possible.

There are two ways: you can pay with a corporate/credit/debit card or by invoice.

You can stop using Combuyit and cancel your subscription at anytime.

Implementation cost is included in all plans (there can be customizable options for implementation fee in Enterprise plan).

We use DigitalOcean servers for running the platform with 99,9999% uptime and SSL secured connection. All your data is encrypted on a disk with AES 256-bit encryption, so you can be sure that it is safe and accessible 24/7 in Combuyit Cloud.



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