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Our objective is to bring together the best experts and apply the most recent technology to make the best purchaser-and-supplier focused procurement program.

Combuyit was established in 2016, in Malmoe, Sweden by Emir Crnkic, Pernilla Andersson and Annica Borr. Edin Turcinhodzic joined the team in late 2018, incorporating the platform into the Combuyit everyday business.

The four creators united and mapped out what the ideal computerized high productivity, control time, work and cost-saving program for purchasers and suppliers of the 21st century would be like: a one-stop program and single face to the purchaser and supplier that would manage the whole process chain from pricing, quotation, item information, supplier information, record organization, leading to proactive completion and supply chain data analytics.

Combuyit has developed its seller system to a number higher than 100 suppliers since its establishment and it has also grown into the quality European software of computerized business. Combuyit has made the “Procurement Platform” showcase in the Nordics and areas nearby, with a goal to become market’s number one in its category with its advanced and original solutions including artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, Automation and Big Data.


Combuyit aspires to have mostly the best-skilled managers, procurement experts, engineers and designers in the world. This software is visualized and created by the knowledge of procurement. We wish to grow into a diverse worldwide company whose only priority is you.

Combuyit is a procure tech company offering simplified procurement processes for companies that want to strengthen cash flow, save time and free up capital for operations and growth. A target group often having trouble securing the funding they really need.

By using AI, Big Data and Automation and cloud-based decision-making systems and vendors combined with an automated analysis and pricing process, the offer can be presented within minutes, directly on the screen.

Combuyit challenges a global industry that accounts for over 20,000 billion in invoice volume, with annual growth of 10 percent for over 20 years. The market today lacks a horizontal and vertical tool that can help the companies.

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EMIR CRNKICMember of the board & Founder
Emir is on of the founders of the company. He has long experience in building a business from the foundation and he is a passionate entrepreneur. He wants to revolutionize marketing industry with Combuyit.
EDIN TURCINHODZICFounder of Combuyit Platform
Edin has experience in several business fields: e-commerce, retail, insurance, digital marketing and businesses development. His areas of responsibility have been sales, purchasing, marketing and business development.
PERNILLA ANDERSSONMember of the board & Founder
Pernilla has experience in several business fields: retail, fashion and logistics. Her areas of responsibility have been sales, HR, marketing and business development.
GORDAN RADOJCICHead of Development
Gordan is a developer and contractor specialized in IT, web and database development.


Combuyit aspires to be one of the quickest developing tech organizations on the planet and also a leading innovator in cloud-based procurement software. The Combuyit intelligent easy-to-use software is facilitating procurement and supply chain businesses at organizations over the world enhance efficiency and functioning, boost savings and reduce turnaround times.


Our designs, dreams and technology are fueled by an top experts and one of a kind culture.

Our objective is to make the greatest procurement process and provide the best experience to our clients.

We accomplish this by using latest technology to give top-notch service and smooth procedures.


Our objective is to supply purchasers and suppliers in any business with excellent Business Intelligence all over the world. Combuyit has the ambition to become a first top choice supplier.

Since we are present in the widest scope of market areas, we are completely engaged to guarantee that our clients have the right data readily available when deciding about their essential business choices.


We have a duty to make our clients’ lives simpler, more efficient and more profitable by introducing precision to their procurement process so that it can become automated, controlled, dynamic and collaborative.

These are the values that a ‘Combuyiter’ will feel naturally aligned with:

  • We are present because of our clients’ business and our clients. We concentrate on our client’s prosperity far more anything else.
  • We are focused on understanding our clients’ issues at the most profound level
  • We register and measure how to take care of these issues through mutually decided quantifiable standards to guarantee shared achievement
  • We make the following inquiries regularly for all businesses: ‘How could we increase the value of our clients?’ and ‘How could we increase the value that our clients get from Gatekeeper?’; we are also proactive with recommendations from inside and outside
  • We wish to gain devoted clients; representatives for our organization, experts and procedures
  • The outstanding outcomes we provide to our clients are accomplished through our quest for ‘operational perfection’.
  • We record core processes to be consistent every time, guaranteeing that we meet the norms of perfection our clients constantly expect of us
  • We use the ‘5-Why’ way to get to know the reason for any issues and resolve them once and for all by enhancements to our frameworks
  • The main reason for an issue is mostly a system error, not a person’s mistake.
  • Anyone can propose any change to any piece of the platform in order to enhance the manner in which we work giving unlimited adaptability inside a controlled and quantifiable framework.
  •  We are based and technology and data – we enable consistent hypothesis, estimation and experimentation to make the company expand
  • We are selective when we target clients and business sectors
  • We accept any client to demonstrate to ourselves that we can achieve their anticipated result
  • We are aware of what an achievement looks like beforehand and match this with our clients, so we can concentrate on having it with no vagueness
  • We appreciate relationships that are long
  • Motivation and concentration make us more happy and more efficient
  • We do tasks one by one as the day passes
  • We always act professionally in all ways. We are prepared and arranged for all calls and communications as though we worked at the same location
  • When doing our jobs, we concentrate on work. When we are not working we pay no attention to work.
  • We give other people ‘zone time’ to enable them to be efficient. We record things to talk about them in one conversation so that we don’t interrupt you more than necessary
  • We are self-sufficient, and we don’t need to be guided
  • Combuyits are internaly motivated, disciplined, self-aware and self-progressing
  • When we say, we will do something written or verbal we complete it because our ‘WILL DO’ implies DONE, FINISHED and COMPLETED.
  • Good completion now is preferrable to perfect completion one week from now
  • We ‘delegate with certainty’ safe because we know work will get finished and reported at each stage, without any rush
  • This trust is essential to the development and gives the team a chance to work better than just the sum of its team members
  • We employ just ‘A Players’ that improve our organization with their very own abilities that agree with our qualities and culture
  • We put in a lot into our training and recruitment to make employees feel secure, assisted and goal-oriented regarding the creation of values for our clients
  • We pass on awesome individuals who could work efficiently if they don’t fit in with our philosophy
  • We are the best that we can be; we consistently strive for perfection in each part of our delivery, practice and correspondences
  • We care aware of the significance of brief, understandable written and verbal interaction
  • We picked the suitable type of interaction precisely to limit interferences (email = please view this when you have time, Slack = please view this now)
  • We don’t panick in distressing circumstances
  • We deal with individuals respectfully
  • We decide where we live, which could be any place on the planet
  • We have adaptable working hours to adjust to our ideal way of life
  • We respect our work hours consistently, so we can concentrate on our free time



We build our relationships with our customers on trust and respect, by uniting our technological system with our skills.


You can migrate your purchasing operations to the cloud.


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We have service for managing e-auction events.

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We have customized solutions that address your issues.


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We can add our solutions to your ERP systems.


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Customer fulfillment is our main concern.


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Combuyit has the objective to develop into the main provider of procurement platform. Combuyit is one of only a handful of software businesses in Europe that concentrates on complete product development and creation.

We aim to link with the best product developers — from high-ranked organizations worldwide, for example, IIMs, NITs and IITs — throughout the complete lifecycle of the product to create revolutionary productivity and business ideas that are going to be used by most successful companies in the world.

The Place for New Ideas

First movers, early adopters – we are in favor of new technologies and are constantly enthusiastic about testing new programs and systems, for example, Titanium, AWS, SQL 2014, AJAX, AngularJS, Node.js, ASP.NET and jQuery.

We make clients engaged by working in a creative manner with the models like PaaS and SaaS. We use smooth and easy-to-use tools with most recent design to change the technology used in procurement .


To find extraordinary business talent, Combuyit uses the finest schools in Asia, Europe and the Americas. We intend to draw many successful experts from best companies worldwide and top academic facilities.

Aim for Excellence.

We are changing how a client imagines a business application. We do it by giving it wide a range of functionalities on a mobile phone and by going one step further when designing it and making it usable. What’s more, to get this going, we constantly seek for new solutions and skilled, determined people who will create cutting-edge technology for our users.

It is safe to say that you are a Combuyiter?
If you like innovation and challenges, Combuyit may be the place for you. We are making business applications that are easily-usable, innovative and effective. We want to be the first in implementing new techologies and fostering creativity. We don’t only implement new technologies first, but also we do it best. By doing things in a different way, Combuyit changes the market.
If you are meticulous, have first-class programming knowledge, know how to complete a task thoroughly, Combuyit is the right place for you. Being a programmer, engineer or developer in our team, you are going to work on fulfilling projects, while enjoying all your time spent with us.

Seize your opportunity today.

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